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Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box – My Results

Honest Review of Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box

Hey what’s up guys,

You are reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system.  This includes my actual experience and results with the system.  What your about to read is the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the program yourself.

Note that this is a review though: Click Here to visit Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box Official Website and Download Now!

The reason I’m writing this is that when I was thinking about buying Pandora’s Box, I couldn’t find many REAL or genuine reviews around so I thought I’d help those who are in the same position I was by writing a quick but honest review.

I have a warning though.  I am going to dive into both the GOOD and BAD points of the the vin dicarlo pandoras box program, so if that’s something that you don’t want to hear, then you might as well click the back button now.

What is the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box?

vin dicarlo pandoras box‘Pandora’s Box’ is a comprehensive guide that shows you how not only attract girls, but attract the girls that you currently like or are interested in.  It is completely one of a kind in which it claims that you can get TOTAL DEVOTION from any woman you choose!

What I thought was really interesting was that the Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box goes into details on the ‘Differences Between Men and Women,’ ‘The Three Great Conflicts of the Female Mind,’ and ‘MIND READING’ and determining her type.  Of course it also teaches you how to attract girls as well.

Unlike other dating/relationship guides that simply give you generic “pick-up” lines, what to say, etc.  This system actually goes deeply into the details of female psychology which actually has a great affect when trying to talk to a girl.  The Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box shows you how you can quickly identify the different personality types of women.  In the program, Vin describes 8 different personality types.  It really gives you an advantage over other guys because YOU KNOW what type of guy she’s interested in after you find out her personality type.

The program actually interviews many different women on all these subjects and I’ve learned A LOT from these videos and interviews.

Not only does the guide show you how to identify different types and the psychology behind it, but it shows you how to talk to girls by giving you an ‘Ultimate Strategy Guide.”

My Experiences with Pandora’s Box

So it took me about three days to go through the whole program (I went through it a little at a time) and I wanted to try it out right away so I went to a bar with a couple of friends to test out this mystery method of Vin Dicarlos Pandoras Box.

The first time was a complete failure.  I was thinking about trying to figure out her type so much that I didn’t pay much attention to her and eventually lost her interest.

So, the next day I decided to review the program again and practice at identifying the girl’s type so that I can find out her type while I talk to the girl and have my attention on her.

The next few times turned out to be OK.  They weren’t really crazy about me and I did need more practice at determining her personality without confusing myself while keeping her interest.

My breakthrough came when I met this girl at a bar and when I approached her I decided to use the tactics on how to pick up girls taught in Vin Dicarlos Pandoras Box system on her.

Within a few minutes I figured out her type!  She seemed to be a Cinderella, but I wasn’t quite sure and I wanted to find out more about her.  After some conversations and getting to know the girl I found out that her personality type was definitely a Cinderella!  So I used the tactics in the program, such as the way I touched her, the way I spoke and other physical maneuvers, and after a while, she seemed REALLY attracted to me.

To make a long story short, I had a great night =).  All I did was what the guide told me to do and I just put in my own personal touches.

The program shows you how you can identify a girl’s personality type and takes you step by step in getting girls ATTRACTED to you!  I am living proof!

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Here’s exactly how the Pandora’s Box Total Devotion system works:

vin dicarlo pandoras box

A sneak snapshot of what you get!

After the program gives you detailed information on the female psychology and the difference between women and men, it jumps into the three conflicts or three traits that most females share.

This is widely known as the “3 Questions that Turn Her On…”  The guide goes into details on what these three attributes of girls are and takes you step by step in IDENTIFYING the correct personality type that she falls into.

Then Vin DiCarlo shows you the 8 different types of personality and explains those very thoroughly.

The final part of the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system shows you EXACTLY how to APPROACH women of each different type and what interests and traits that specific type looks for in a man.

Whether she is a ‘Social Butterfly’ or a ‘Playette’ the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box shows you what you need to do to get this girl interested in you.

It shows the exact method you need to know to get the girl attracted to you.  I guess you can call it an ultimate strategy guide on how to talk to girls.

Pros and Cons of the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box

The Bad Points

Obviously, Pandoras Box isn’t perfect.  Here’s what I didn’t like about it:

  • The main problem I had was that this is a ton of material!  It does take some time to go through the entire thing, and although you can go through it in one day, I chose to do it a little at a time.
  • Can be confusing at first.  I can tell you from my experience that determining her type at first is not easy.  It will take some practice.  There are so many things to look for in trying to figure out what her personality is, but eventually you get the hang of it.
  • Vin dicarlo pandoras box may not work with ALL women.  I know the system says it will work with every type of women, but simply don’t think that’s true.  I don’t think every woman in the world falls into one of the eight personality types and I honestly think there are more than that.  Also, from my experience, these tactics just don’t work on some people.

The Good Points

  • Most importantly:  It works, IF you’re persistent at it and have some faith in it.  Your not going to become a ladies man on your first try, it takes time to get these concepts down.
  • It really does make talking to girls a lot easier.  Interested in how to talk to girls?  Easy, just ask her questions to try and find out her personality type and it just simply becomes a lot easier.
  • It is actually pretty fun to use.  For me it’s like a game to find out what personality type she is.  I mean in no ways am I trying to play games with the girl or anything, but it’s just that the concept of identifying what type of girl she is and what type of man she’s interested in really makes it appealing to me.
  • Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box comes with A LOT of research and intelligent people to back it up.  They really tested and tested and came out with these results.  They interviewed thousands of women and really researched the psychology of women to make this program.
  • Even if you’re an ‘expert’ on talking to girls and attracting girls, there are things in here which I definitely think are worth looking into.  Some of these materials are really interesting and the whole program itself was an EASY READ.

Last Word on Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box

Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box, is probably one of the best programs in showing you the best way in how to talk to girls and actually getting girls to become attracted to you.  Vin also has an impressive background that boasts many years of studying female psychology, relationships, dating, and is a world-renown pick-up artist.  The vin dicarlo pandoras box system is definitely one of the most complete guides on how to approach girls with the proof and research to back it up.

Hope you found this website review of Vin DiCarlos Pandoras Box to be useful, and wish you the best in attracting girls.

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