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How to Talk to Girls

Advice on How to Talk to Girls

Hey guys,

The main question that most guys have is not how to look for girls because they probably see PLENTY of attractive girls everywhere, but how to talk to girls and make THEM attracted to you.  Well, first things first, what environment are you in?  It makes a complete difference when you’re talking to girls in a club and in a library.

If it’s an outgoing kind of environment, say a bar of a club, than you want to have more of a “chill” conversation.  Comment on the environment, the background, the music, what she’s drinking, anything to spark that first initial chat.  Also compliment her on what she’s wearing, girl’s love this because they take a long time getting ready and to look good for other people.  Now, I’m not saying to compliment on how her dress nicely fits her beautiful curves, (unless you know what her personality type she is, which is explained in Pandora’s Box) but to compliment her more on how she pulls off that outfit more than anybody else.  Women love compliments.  You have to be careful, though, not to spoil her when you first meet her because you DO NOT want to seem desperate.  So it may be OK for you to buy the first drink, but let her buy you some too, if she insists.  And simply complimenting ladies is probably the easiest way of talking to girls instead of contemplating on what to say to girls.

Now, if you’re meeting this girl in a library or a café, obviously the approach to how to talk to this girl is going to be different.  If she’s reading a book or studying, ask her what she’s reading about and keep a conversation going on that topic.  This is one of the many ways on how to approach girls.  If you have absolutely no idea on the topic she’s studying, ASK HER!  Be interested and curious in her and her interests!  This is key.  To get a girl interested in you, YOU need to be interested in her!  Don’t pretend to be listening or interested, but actually be listening to her every word and detail.  Not only will this keep the conversation going, but you will get her interest if she thinks you’re a good listener.  If you’re at a school, ask her what her schedule is and if you have taken any of the classes she has and give her some advice, what to avoid and what to look for.  This is one sure way to attract girls, and that is to show that you really care for her.

How to Talk to Girls the Easy Way

Talking to girls is not hard at all.  You just need to put yourself in their shoes and get into her head.  Ask yourself: “What kind of guy would this girl like?”  “What would make her smile?”  “If I were this girl, would I like myself if I approached her this way?”  Show her that you appreciate her company and you had a wonderful time talking to her.  Be friendly.  Also, you don’t have to take her out on that same day, if anything swap contact info and tell her that “we” should hang out some time.  Use these advices on how to talk to girls, and you’ll put yourself way ahead of the other guys.

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