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How 2 Talk 2 Girls

Tips on How 2 Talk 2 Girls

The concept of talking to girls is a very broad and open topic.  Particularly on the different ways and approaches of how 2 talk 2 girls.  With the 2’s and everything included.  The first thing I want to point out is that there are differences between the male and the female.  And I’m not only talking about physical appearance but the logic that goes around in the female’s mind is different from the logic that goes on in the male’s mind.

Women, have a natural tendency to really care for their newborn baby, no matter how bad the baby looks physically.  Have you ever seen a women not smile when they first have a look at their newborn baby?  This concept has a lot to do with talking with girls.

Because of these differences, women think different from men.  For example, when a girl talks to a guy about her feelings and how her day went about she simply wants the guy to listen.  However, guys will interpret this VERY differently from what the girl wanted the guy to interpret it.  Guys would think that when talking to girls, or anyone in fact, about their problems that the other party would give the guy some advice.  Guys tell others about their story and situation for advice.  Girls tell others about their story and situation just to be heard.  This is a big clue on how to talk to girls.

How 2 talk 2 girls is different from talking to guys

Girls do not want advice or want to go on solving their problems, instead they just want to be heard.  Have you ever talked to a girl and later on decided to resolve her problem somehow and someway only to come back to her telling her that you solved her problem, but she seemed a little disappointed?  This is exactly, why girls simply want to talk about her problems and to be heard and not to interact with her problem.

So how then do you talk to girls?  Well, let me ask you something, if you and your girlfriend, wife, or significant other were talking about a trip to Paris and you went out and made plans without her knowing to “surprise” her, do you think she would be happy?  Most guys would say “of course she would I’m surprising her!”  Sometimes.  But most often, they aren’t so happy.  Why?  Because they wanted to do the planning together.  Or better yet, they just wanted to fantasize instead of really going on the trip.

Last words on how 2 talk 2 girls

I know it’s hard to understand at first, but once you get this concept down, talking to girls would be much easier and you can actually understand why they do what they do.  How 2 talk 2 girls is a huge subject with many theories, but hopefully you’ve learned something new and have a better understanding on the female psychology.

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