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Need Help Talking to Girls?

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to go over some details in the art of talking to girls.  It is definitely an art and not a science and it’s something that you just get better at over time and with repetition.  It is much easier to do if you have the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box however.  I will, on the other hand, discuss some tips on how to talk to girls and show you tricks from my experience that seem to work best when talking to women.

If you’re not experience with holding a conversation with women, or have not been around women a lot then you must be wondering:  “What to talk about with a girl?”  The trick here is, to talk about stuff that they (the girl) want to talk about.

Don’t go on talking about yourself and the awards you won and bragging about how you’ve achieved this and how you went through this and survived.  No.  They will leave.  Or maybe not leave, but they might act interested but they’re really not.

Talk about her.  What her life is about.  What she wants with her life.  What her hobbies are.  What her favorite food is.  What are her favorite places to go?  Keep firing questions about her and in turn she will ask questions about you, and this time you can talk a little bit about yourself, but keep it to a minimal, remember that we want her to talk about herself.  Also, while she is talking, PAY ATTENTION!  Don’t just look at her lips while she’s talking or stare at her breasts or fantasize about her legs.  LISTEN.  And really get interested in the girl.

You need her to believe that you are different from the other guys.  That you actually care about her life and don’t just want to get in bed with her.  Talking to girls is easy, if you just fire up the interest in her life.  Get her to trust you and in turn she’ll start to spark an interest in you.

That’s all there is really.  Also, remember to give her appraisal.  Like, if she told you she got an “A” on her test, really tell her that she did an awesome job.  Say something like, “Nice job!  High-five!  I know you studied hard for that test, I guess hard work pays off.”  Make sure to smile a lot when your around her to give her that friendly trust feeling.  And also to show that being around her makes you smile.

Also, check out this video about the “3 Questions.”