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Hi, my name is Daniel and I have been absolutely terrible at talking to girls basically my whole life.  I couldn’t take it anymore and during past few years I told myself that I’m going to commit myself to study women, dating, relationships, etc., until I developed the confidence and skills of talking to girls.

Vin Dicarlo The Women Expert

This is Vin Dicarlo the women expert. I have definitely learned a lot from his program.

I have read several books and been through many programs without much luck.  Until recently, I couldn’t get a girlfriend, or get a girl interested in me.  Then I discovered Pandora’s Box and the rest is history.  Girls are not easy to attract! =)

I pride myself in providing visitors unbiased and genuine reviews.  I also believe in adding value to all my reader’s lives.

That’s why I started this site, to help others cure their problems that I’ve had before.  Which is talking to girls and getting them interested in you.

I appreciate your interest on attracting women and thanks for visiting my site!